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Magen David Adom in Israel was Established in 1930.

MDA is a national organization, and works in cooperation with other emergency and security authorities (Israeli police, IDF, Fire fighters etc.)
MDA's objectives and its legal status are defined in section 3 of the Magen David Adom Law passed by the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) on July 12, 1950:
 to carry out the functions of a national society, to be an auxiliary service to the Israeli Defense Forces in time of war and to be prepared for this in times of peace;
 to Provide pre hospital emergency medical services.

 to provide the national blood services inc. collecting, processing, distributing and storage services of blood, plasma and their by-products;

 to carry out any additional functions determined by the Society's By-Laws;
 MDA stats of 2012:


 In 2012, MDA answered and treated 637,004 calls received from all over Israel.

 MDA Blood services collected 300,000 Blood Units from volunteering citizens.

 70,000 people (workers, volunteers and citizens) received MDA training courses

 Article 49 of MDA's By-Laws confers the following additional duties of the Society

 instruction of first aid and pre-hospital emergency medicine;

 maintaining a volunteers infrastructure and training them in first aid, basic and advanced life support including Mobile Intensive Care Units;

 transportation of patients, women in labor, and evacuation of those wounded and killed in road accidents;

 transportation of doctors, nurses and medical auxiliary forces;

MDA belongs to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and is Israeli Red Cross National Society.

In this capacity, MDA is providing training and Humanitarian aid to countries in need, all over the world



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