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Tracing Services at Israel Magen David Adom


It is over sixty years since the end of the Second World War and the anguish of families who have been separated still exists in the hearts of Holocaust survivors.  The atrocities of the Nazi regime did not cause them to forget their loved ones and even now the desire within them and their descendants to return to find them or any information about their lives from the time they were separated is strong. 

With the aid of the ICRC, the Tracing Services  at Israel Magen David Adom were reestablished in 2002 with the purposes of fulfilling the requests of the survivors and their families, both in Israel and in countries throughout the world, and integrating MDA into the fabric of the Red Cross Movement which acts to search for family members.

This MDA department, which works within Israeli society where so many Holocaust survivors, their families and their descendants are found, is of special importance.

The objective of this revue is to summarize the background, method of operation and contacts of the Tracing Services at Magen David Adom in Israel.


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In 1949 the State of Israel signed the Geneva Convention.  The Geneva Convention instructs every National Association to operate tracing services.  The services deal with the request to locate relatives in cases where contact with them was lost as a result of wars and natural disasters.


The Tracing Services of Magen David Adom in Israel are open to all citizens of Israel as part of the services supplied by the National Society, namely the parallel of the Red Cross Association in other countries.


In the last few years the affiliation between the Red Cross and Red Crescent movements and MDA has been strengthened, especially since MDA's joining the international movements of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.


Within this framework, activity of the Tracing Services at MDA has been renewed with organizational, logistical and financial support of the ICRC, with the purpose of integrating MDA in the worldwide activities of the movement.


Between 2002 - 2007 the Tracing Services dealt with over 5,000 applications.


For tracing request, please click here  

Search / Locate Process


1. Whoever would like to locate a missing relative can call or personally go to the offices of Magen David Adom in Israel in order to fill out a form for locating relatives or missing persons.  A separate form should be filled out for each missing person.  All the information contained in the request form remains confidential.

2. The Tracing Services at Magen David Adom in Israel deals with each case individually.  Every application is numbered and all the information contained in it examined thoroughly.

3. In the search for information, the Tracing Services at Magen David Adom in Israel contact museums, archives, various organizations and national societies of the Red Cross in countries throughout the world.

4. The Tracing Services at Magen David Adom in Israel deal quickly with each search application that arrives at their offices.

5. The Tracing Services at Magen David Adom in Israel update applicants frequently.

6. In the event that the application is made in a foreign country, The Tracing Services at Magen David Adom in Israel make every effort to aid in the search based on the information available in Israel.


Objectives of the The Tracing Services at Magen David Adom in Israel

Locating and Uniting Families

In a small but extremely significant number of cases, the locating process discovered that the missing person was in fact alive.  Family members were reunited after tens of years of searching.


Completion of the Process

In over 1700 cases, the applicants received certification of death or deportation of their loved ones from various countries.  Despite the tragedy involved in verifying the death of loved ones, death verification comprises an important part in the process of mourning and closure.

Compensation and Support / Pension

Israel Magen David Adom can aid in obtaining documents relating to forced labor, slavery, forced deportation from the former Soviet Union or imprisonment in concentration camps.  The documents may be required for requesting compensation.



There are many funds for compensation and returning property financed by various sources.  To obtain information about a particular fund, The Tracing Services at Magen David Adom in Israel advise first reading and searching through the GUIDE TO COMPENSATION AND RESTITUTION FOR HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS published by the CONFERENCE ON JEWISH MATERIAL CLAIMS AGAINST GERMANY, at internet address: WWW.CLAIMSCON.ORG

The Tracing Services at Magen David Adom in Israel provide aid for those who are interested, in searching for the documents required by these funds.

Department Tel:
+972-3-6301464   Fax: 03-7305983 


For tracing request, please click here  




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